Folksy Shop Launch

I have been a fan of Etsy for sometime, and always wished there was a UK alternative displaying prices in GBP.  I often feel that the $ can be off putting to internet shopper newbies.  So after much naivety I finally stumbled onto Folksy! I think its a fantastic blend for the crafting community, combing buying and selling along with the people behind the products and the processes they employ to create such wonderful things!

Full of excitement i signed up and had created my shop with a few minutes, a quick whiz on photoshop and my shop banner was complete…

My Folksy Shop!

I have listed ted the tort as my first item, and perhaps priced him a lottle on the low side, but i often feel that people overprice things and gaining recognition is far more important to me than making money, in fact most of the things i make i end up giving away!

To view my folksy shop visit 


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