Best crochet book buy so far…

Pretty much all my crafting is self taught and more so now with the internet I have access to every tutorial or pattern I could want for! However there’s still that part of everyone that relishes getting a new book that going to show you and teach you something new!

For the world of crafting I have found the emergence of so many books to choose from rather tiresome, you either choose a book with plenty of projects in but often risk how much the book tells you about the fundamentals of the craft or you go hardcore on a techniques one of those dreaded encyclopedias of… And find the only complete projects are a few glossy photos at the back show casing the types of projects only people who are now blind and crippled could have acheived! Pardon my crudeness!

So what we want is that fantastic combination of both ‘wants’ and I found it in a book which I judged by it’s cover shamelessly and dismissed for months.

Stitch n bitch crochet the happy hooker looks like the type of coffee morning slash cosmopolitan demographic I just didn’t feel I was a member of and yet I bought a copy!

This book it simple fantastic and if you want to crochet and thoroughly enjoy it for the price of a book a hook and some yarn then this is your answer…and once you’ve gotten over the fact you will never have any inclination to crochet the cowboy hat and the cover you’re away!

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