From Dress to Bag…Recycle, Reuse, just don’t THROW!!

Being both a part time eco warrior and a crafter i inevitably hate waste and probably hoard far to much stuff in the hope that i will one day find a use for it, not only do i hoard my own ‘expired’ belongings, i find myself taking on others, i really must learn to say no when offered something, no matter how useful it may look!  This is one ethos i shall slowly but surely implement onto my partner who has the same attitude to waste. 

Anyways enough of that lets talk about the simple drawstring bag, which is relatively easy to knock up in an hour and perfect to give presents in, fill with lavender and rice for an alternative on the door stop, or a travel toiletries bag. 

drawstring bag

To make the outer part, i simpy cut up an old dress (lovely fabric but horrible shape) and made a rectangle 10inches x 24 inches and a square 6.5inches x 6.5 inches.  I then cut the same from white lining material.

The longer side forms the bag whilst the square forms the base.  I sewed this in a standard lined bag fashion and then doubles up the hem of the top to form a ‘passage’ for my cord (leaving about a 2-3 inch gap for the cord to come out).  I will try to hunt out the tutorial i used and post this.  I am looking forward to trying a minature one.

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