Versatile Blogger Award – Wowsa

I recently received a message from a fellow blogger to say that I had been nominated by them for the versatile blogger award.  Many thanks to the wonderful: for the nominaton.

As I understand it, what is expected of those who are nominated for this award is that you:-

  • Thank the person who gave you the award – done
  • Include a link to their blog – see above
  • Tell seven things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for the award
  • Tell them that they have been nominated

It seems that  to find 15 other crochet pattern blogs which I adore that have not already been nominated is pretty tasking.  There are so any amazing blogs out there that they all seem to have been chosen by a lucky other person, so I would simply like to share my love of a few sites.

Attic 24
Beautiful and colourful crochet that makes your mouth water.

Kawaii Crochet
Seriously inspiring Kawaii stuff

I have bought a few of these patterns and they are simply wonderful

Planet June
One woman on a mission to bring the world to life with her hook…great stuff!

The seven things about me are: 1. I love Yorkshire Tea 2. I am crazy about badgers 3. I have a terrific button collection 4. I hate talking food on adverts 5. I work in the wonderful world of fancy dress 6. I’m addicted to twitter 7. I think stationery is a girls best friend.

Thank you so much I hope my blog and cute amigurumi crochet patterns inspire others to craft…#happyhooking

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