Doorstop Delights

It seems that the trend of making your own fabric doorstops are still as popular as ever, so I thought I would do a follow up refresh on my popular door stop post from 2009.  These days there are so many weird and wonderful styles and shapes of door stops, with everything from a plain square to the more elaborate owls (which I have to say are just the cutest things).  However for this review of my top 3 current  favourite doorstops based on the traditional rectangle shape, which you can download my FREE door stop pattern.

It’s cute, it’s useful, it’s British

This gorgeous Union Jack door stop is so fantastic.  This year has been jammed packed with patriotic goodness and so it’s no surprise that Best of British inspired apparel and products have sprung up everywhere.  This wonderful doorstop is available from sparklypinkdesigns however if you wanted make your own British inspired doorstop why not mix some union jack fabric along with your own ‘Keep Calm…’embellishment…perhaps ‘Keep Calm and Keep the Door Open’!

Funky and House Proud

Choosing a material that already ‘sets the scene’ is a really quick and effective way to make a decorative door stop without having to embellish.  For those crafters out there that like ‘minimum effort – maximum effect’ then this is certainly the door stop for you.  I love cute takes on houses and homes for doorstops and think they really add that extra touch rather than a standard print.  This quirky and modern take on a lovely home setting is made from fabric by Sandberg of Sweden and was crafted by the very talented crafter and blogger London Mummy.

Love your Home

If you’re looking for a door stop with plenty of extra special detailing then adding embroidery, applique and embellishment will really set your design apart.  Always be mindful of the cleaning impacts of any extra detailing as more than likely your doorstop will attract some dirt from the floor (not that I’m implying you all have grubby floors hehe).  This lovely creation is available from Sue Ryder Care Shop

So if you fancy brightening up your home with a fabric doorstop there are many wonderful designs out there to choose from, and for those crafty fingered lovers of doorstops download my FREE door stop pattern  and you can start thinking about all the lovely fabrics and detailing for this useful project.

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