Winter Wabbit – Amigurumi Rabbit Pattern

With Lincoln deep in snow and the heating ramped up to full, I’ve had plenty of time to stay tucked up under a blanket and try my hand at designing another Amigurumi Pattern.  I’m not sure what it is about the Amigurumi Rabbit that makes it such a popular choice.  It’s possibly the addition of the gorgeous ears, which allow you to get beautifully creative with lots of wonderful fabric ear inserts.

This little fella was created with my current creation style of organic crochet whereby I start crocheting and increase and decrease as I go and then manically try to scribble down what I’ve done into some form of pattern.  I haven’t yet managed to type this up and post for my fellow crocheters, however this will be coming shortly.  Worked in single (US) double (UK) crochet stitches it’s a very simple contruction of the usual sphere and oblongs.

I was a little unhappy with the way I decreased on the head, it came out very holey and I have struggled to find, amidst the tonnes of decrease techniques, a method which produces a decrease as neat (without bumps of holes) as the initial increase stages do.  Shortly after I finished this project I stumbled across what I would say is the best technique for a decrease.  It goes a little something like this:

Single (US) – double (UK) crochet decrease – NEAT I PROMISE

Insert hook into front loop of first stitch, insert hook into front loop of second stitch (you have to tip the hook back to get into the second one) – yarn over and pull through two loops, two loops left on hook, yarn over and pull through remaining two…voila.  This little trick is courtesy of All About Ami – a wonderful blog definitely worth following.

I’m hoping that for my next creation I can work out the pattern first and then look to hook it. I hear you can try this method with the help of some graph paper and a simple bit of mathematics…here’s hoping.  I will keep you posted on how well this technique works.

Enjoy and happy hooking!

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