Boxy bear crochet pattern

This happy chappy makes the perfect last minute present. Brought to life in just under 3 hours, this bear pattern is a pretty straight forward assemble for any amigurumi fanatic.


As the name suggests the bear is basically a box shape. One of the most appealing parts of the method is that the limbs are made first and then crocheted into the body as it is built.  I’m definitely in the camp of crocheters that start to get a little antsy when it’s assembly time and there’s only so much whip stitching I can do before my interest wanes.  So the ease and speed with which this one came together was a refreshing style, one which I will certainly be employing more in my own designs.


Credit for this pattern goes to crochet designer Erica Dietz, whose other patterns can be found on her blog 5littlemonsters or her Ravelry listings.

I used my favourite yarn DK Rico Essential Cotton from Wool Warehouse with a 4mm hook. The nose was substituted with a larger safety eye.

Happy hooking!

Lils and Raph – Crochet ninja turtle pattern

Isn’t a ninja turtle just the best present for a 4 year old.

Meet Lils and Raph. When she’s not fashioning her own nunchucks from key-rings she’s busy driving Raphael around in the turtle van!


Having been distracted by the unfathomable Russian garment patterns proliferating Pinterest recently; I forgot how much fun amigurumi is.

If you fancy a bash the pattern can be found here.

Yarn: Acrylic DK

Hook: 4mm.

Time: 8-10 hours

Who’s HAPPY NOW…Minion Dave deffo is…

Following the current trend of cute crocheted film characters I couldn’t resist bringing one of Grew’s minions to life. One of my old colleagues had a seriously big minion obsession and I’d planned to make her this little fella long before I got around to hooking him up!


He was pretty easy to crochet and his dungarees and goggles are fully detachable making him a real treat for any little ones in your life. I cheated a little on some of the parts assembly, and relied a little more than normal on the glue gun rather than stitching. How shameful I hear you cry, however if it means I get to start on the next project a bit quicker then I sleep happy.


The pattern I used can be found here and I’m sure you’ll have him whipped up in no time and then you can ‘whip’ him into doing your bidding like only a minion knows how.

Winter Wabbit – Amigurumi Rabbit Pattern

With Lincoln deep in snow and the heating ramped up to full, I’ve had plenty of time to stay tucked up under a blanket and try my hand at designing another Amigurumi Pattern.  I’m not sure what it is about the Amigurumi Rabbit that makes it such a popular choice.  It’s possibly the addition of the gorgeous ears, which allow you to get beautifully creative with lots of wonderful fabric ear inserts.

This little fella was created with my current creation style of organic crochet whereby I start crocheting and increase and decrease as I go and then manically try to scribble down what I’ve done into some form of pattern.  I haven’t yet managed to type this up and post for my fellow crocheters, however this will be coming shortly.  Worked in single (US) double (UK) crochet stitches it’s a very simple contruction of the usual sphere and oblongs.

I was a little unhappy with the way I decreased on the head, it came out very holey and I have struggled to find, amidst the tonnes of decrease techniques, a method which produces a decrease as neat (without bumps of holes) as the initial increase stages do.  Shortly after I finished this project I stumbled across what I would say is the best technique for a decrease.  It goes a little something like this:

Single (US) – double (UK) crochet decrease – NEAT I PROMISE

Insert hook into front loop of first stitch, insert hook into front loop of second stitch (you have to tip the hook back to get into the second one) – yarn over and pull through two loops, two loops left on hook, yarn over and pull through remaining two…voila.  This little trick is courtesy of All About Ami – a wonderful blog definitely worth following.

I’m hoping that for my next creation I can work out the pattern first and then look to hook it. I hear you can try this method with the help of some graph paper and a simple bit of mathematics…here’s hoping.  I will keep you posted on how well this technique works.

Enjoy and happy hooking!

New Year…New Inspiration

Happy New Year Everyone…Blessed Be…and Happy Hooking!

After a few months of hibernation and serious blog neglection I finally have some exciting new projects, tips and patterns to share.  I have content for about 6-7 posts scribbled in my craft book and aim to post one every Sunday from now on…(New Year’s Resolution)

Sexy Spheres…

One of the most exciting things I have finally found is a method of creating the perfect crochet sphere.  I was sure I’d stumbled across this some time ago but could not for the life of me find it again. This time with my ‘bookmark’ firmly clicked and double checked I have the pleasure of sharing this with you all.  Finally a little handy mathematics to help crocheters everywhere achieve a perfect sphere. So whether you’re looking to make a cute little amigurumi head or a ball toss game for the kids I hope this resources helps.  You can find the link to this in my free patterns page…enjoy.  Image above kindly borrowed from a fantastic site with lots of lovely patterns…also worth a look.

Let’s Get Geometrical…

The second really handy link I stumbled across was by fellow crafter who has put together a really easy to follow post featuring 5 basic crochet shapes.  These handy tutorials are perfect for free styling and a must have when you come to start designing your own patterns.  You can also find this link in my free patterns page.

Top Shelf Goodness…

I love magazines – the way they feel in your hand – the excitement when they drop through the letter box – clicking the kettle on knowing the next few moments are dedicated to seeing what exciting inspiration lies inside. As much as I love the digital world and couldn’t be without my netbook, laptop, smartphone and kindle fire, you just can’t beat a shiny magazine.  At the moment my favourites are Mollie Makes, the Simple Things and Simply Crochet.  If you are looking to get yourself a crafty mag subscription then these are definitely worth it! In fact I think you can still get 3 issues of Simply Crochet for £5.00 #Bargain visit for more info.

Say hello to Amineko (“crocheted cat” in Japanese)

I have just discovered the wonder of Amineko Crocheted Cats.  Firstly I must give credit to Else’s Bellas Arteswhere I kindly borrowed the Amineko cat picture.  You can visit her blog at

It seems that most of the styles of these cats originate from the book Hello My Name is Amineko: The Story of a Crafty Crochet Cat 

The thing I love most about these cute crochet cats is their wonderful arms and legs which make them pose-able in almost any position or situation.  For me the key to creating a successful crochet project is about breathing a life and personality into a character, with carefully position facial features and other embellishments.

I understand that Amineko literally means cat, so I would love to see if there are other styles and variations of cats.

I have seen patterns where people use rice and other things to weigh down limbs so that they can be positioned.  I think my next project will definitely be a take on the Amineko cat with pose-able arms and legs.  If anyone can recommend a patterns where rice is used I would love to see it.

Rosemary the Rabbit

Say hello to my latest amigurumi creation, Rosemary.   This is my second ‘freetstyled’ project, and I am pleased to say that this time I managed to take note and write the pattern down. This little cutey is for sale in my Etsy shop at or you can download the pattern for free at As this is my first pattern I would appreciate any feedback.  Happy hooking…

Versatile Blogger Award – Wowsa

I recently received a message from a fellow blogger to say that I had been nominated by them for the versatile blogger award.  Many thanks to the wonderful: for the nominaton.

As I understand it, what is expected of those who are nominated for this award is that you:-

  • Thank the person who gave you the award – done
  • Include a link to their blog – see above
  • Tell seven things about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other blogs for the award
  • Tell them that they have been nominated

It seems that  to find 15 other crochet pattern blogs which I adore that have not already been nominated is pretty tasking.  There are so any amazing blogs out there that they all seem to have been chosen by a lucky other person, so I would simply like to share my love of a few sites.

Attic 24
Beautiful and colourful crochet that makes your mouth water.

Kawaii Crochet
Seriously inspiring Kawaii stuff

I have bought a few of these patterns and they are simply wonderful

Planet June
One woman on a mission to bring the world to life with her hook…great stuff!

The seven things about me are: 1. I love Yorkshire Tea 2. I am crazy about badgers 3. I have a terrific button collection 4. I hate talking food on adverts 5. I work in the wonderful world of fancy dress 6. I’m addicted to twitter 7. I think stationery is a girls best friend.

Thank you so much I hope my blog and cute amigurumi crochet patterns inspire others to craft…#happyhooking

Tip of the Week #1 – Joining Amigurumi

Some people say that the assembly is the best part of amigurumi…some would say the worst!  I personally adore the assembly part, especially when you get on to the embellishment side of things.  It’s the finer details  that can really transform your crochet into the cutest little creature!

The first thing to consider is attaching your parts together.  If you’ve left a long enough ‘tail’ piece on each of your pieces then you simply need to thread this onto a darning needle and get stitching.

Below is a link to one of the best tutorials on attaching items by Planet June.

Happy Assembly 🙂

Cute Amigurumi Bear

Say hello to Cornelius.  He’s a cheeky blue bear that like me simply adores a good brew.

I’m very excited about this one as it’s the first amigurumi project which I ‘freestyled’ into creation.  I usually follow Ana Paula’s patterns as her Amigurumi World – Seriously Cute Crochet book  is one of the best I have seen for beginners.

The head followed the standard increase patterns of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 with 5 central rows (one row less than increases, which is a good rule of thumb) then decrease the same. The body I worked u to 24.

Shamefully I didn’t take too much notice on the  legs and and arms 😦  The ears are simple 12 stitch circles.

My plan it to take notes next time and look at working my own pattern, which of course will be puplished here for all to see – so for those of you keen to learn how to crochet be sure to check back soon.

If you would like to take Cornelius home then visit my Etsy shop at: