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These adorable criss cross coasters are so easy to put together and make a wonderful present for someone.  All you need is a hand square template making, 2 different coordinating fabrics, interfacing (iron on is a must for me!).  Thanks to for sharing such a great pattern.  I have seen a variation on this by folding each square into a triangle.  They make perfect mats for candle holders, plant pots and sometime just a decent brew, plus they are fully washable.


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Recycled coasters

Finally got around to making the recycled coasters, heres one of those

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Being a warrior for all that is green i started to feel very excited to when i stumbled upon this nifty tutorial on how to recyle all those junk cds into coasters. I am v excited to start this project and as shall hopefully post some pictures of my finished coaster set soon. 

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