At last…the zipper and moi make friends…almost!

ok so me and the zip have never been the best of buddies, i find them too tricky and fiddly and have broken too many sewing machine needles to think about, yet finally I accomplish it…albeit with a cushion where i can hide my messy unfinished ends inside lots of lovely stuffing.

Note to self find tutorial on succesfully making a zippered bag with tidy dealt with ends!

So here are my first two mini cushions made from lots of lovely free materials, you gotta love the fabric sites that actually send you decent sized samples and not something the size of a stamp stapled together. ┬áIf you want some freebie sample fabric sites then check out there’s a few on their freebies forum board! I like to think of freebie fabric samples under my eco warrier heading as after all there’s no waste (i.e. my hard earned pennies) just a shame the cath kidston site doesn’t want to send them anymore, it seems its popularity has rather rocketed the last year!