Granny’s square meets iphone

I am a newbie to the world of iPhones I came across tuaw in a tutorial, now I’ve done dating so wltm gsoh and that oh lucrative ohac and being a female consumer bnwt always gettings me excited!!! So after dumbly googling it I discovered the unoficial apple website! Five seconds into an article about a freelance whatever using his iphone to assist him he told me of the wonderful wordpress application… Needless to say I didn’t read much further!

So no doubt you’ve guessed what format I’m posting in and although my format I’m writing this in and although my fingers are asking me why this is a good idea!!

Well I couldn’t really post a completely geeky fest piece on technology on my struggling crafty corner so here’s my latest crochet acomplishment my first granny’s square! VoilĂ  and an impressive 12 inches…