Poppy blooms…

Brimming with enthusiasm from my first draft i tidied her up a little, got rid of the trash black kohl pencil she had developed in the first one and experimented with full body.  I feel she should be shorter.  So here is version two.  Roll on May Bank Holiday so i can start experimenting with colour!poppy-v2

Poppy is here…finally!!

Inspired by the world of beautiful and bountiful crafting blogs out there featuring such wonderfully branded crafts, i was inspired to create a character and world of my own in which to unite my crafting passions from jewellery to wood burning!!

So after some serious thought and the aid of a inspiration board, Poppy has finaly arrived.

I have a lot of work to do but the main theme was to use curved lines and exagerated features!  I adore the work of fafi and the world she has created and i hope to use fafi’s idea of a collection of strange and unusal ‘animal’ friends to join my character.  I am busy scouring the pages of style magazine for suitable outfits, although fear i may be delving into a world of insanity whereby i am already asking myself ‘mmm…now is this something that poppy would really wear? hehe!’

At the moment i am swayed towards red hair with clothes a mixture of jade teal and white, thus symbolising a poppy.

So here she is version no 1.  let see just how far she comes through the creative process.