Zippered Purse

It is true that you can never have too many bags! I also think the same is true for zip up purses.  You can sew so many great variations on zippered purses with different pleats and colours.  I think this tutorial from Skip to my Lou is a great way to start if you are a beginner to pleats and also zips (as they can be such fiddly things to get right!)  Being a self confessed button-a-holic there was no way mine was going to get away without a bit of trusty button embellishment!  So if you were all wondering what you are getting for Christmas the secrets out.  They’re perfect for stashing lips balms, grips and hair bobbles in! Happy stitching.

cutesy patchwork drawstring

A rainy sunday with comfort food and some relaxing sewing with my friend danielle, led to the creation of this lovely patchwork drawstring.  A lovely autumn colour purse.  Having a bit of a button crazy day and 3 lovely button bracelets were made with ribbon and by layers the buttons on some stretch nylon.p091108_215503p091108_2155011

Felted Purses

As it was a typical raining sunday afternoon, i got the crafting bug and made a selection of simple felted purses.  My love of all that is black and white came out again on the button one, and infact i think this is my favourite of the three.  An eventful morning at JTF buying ribbon also insipired me to make ribbons the focus of all my purse embelishments. 

Purse of Colours

Heres a pretty colourful purse i made for friends present.  I used patchwork strips with interfacing and and a black lining, its quite a sturdy little pouch due to interfacing the lining and outer patch work, topped off with a little fabric mushroom and a button…ahhh buttons my fave!!