Origami Kusudama Ball

This year I delved into the world of origami after stumbling across the beautiful Kusadama ball.  If you’re not particular skilled at origami like me (I often find all those crazy manipulations very difficult to master) then this project is just for you.  Made up of modular units the Kusudama ball is pretty easy going, consisting of a few simple folds and plenty of glue gun fun. Each flower is made from 5 petals (each one made individually).

You can find a wonderful tutorial on the basic petal construction here courtesy of Folding Trees.  If you don’t want to invest in fancy origami paper simly grab a magazine or newpaper out of the rack and cut yourself some squares, they can be any size you like.  Often starting bigger is better then once you master the folds take the size down to produce sweet little petals.  You can be as creative as you like with your media – infact I am hoping to get hold of some sheet music which I think would look absolutely amazing!

Each flower uses 5 pieces of paper and once you’ve made yourself 12 flowers (in total 60 pieces of paper) now comes the fun part of assembling them.  You can really cet creative here and embellish each flower centre with a button or bead.

Again courtesy of Folding trees here is the second tutorial on how to assemble your ball.

For my ball I shamefully butchered an old paper back which I was unlikley to read again (one of those £2.00 pulp fictions from the Works so I didn’t feel too bad about it – plus it give is a bit of character. This one was a trashy Vampire novel so you could say it’s a gothic inspired ball, and if you look close you might get a nice snippet about some fang action hehe).

Kusudama ball made by recycling an old book, embellished with an assortment of metal buttons.

For the hanger I made a crochet chain of around 30-40cm (see how I still managed to sneak a wee bit of crochet in there) – looped the top and then added a few matching buttons to the bottom of the strand. I love the metal buttons used at the centre of the flowers I think they finish off this vampire story inspired Kusudam ball perfectly.

This ball was a hot topic of my craft club last night and so next month’s session is set to be a master class in paper folding, I will be sure to post all the gorgeous creations my fellow crafters come up with next month.

Once again happy crafting…enjoy!

Lovely vintage bunting



I’ve had a handmade skirt from the 70’s which was handed down to me for sometime now and alas I am no longer able to get into it. Enter rainy Saturday and my trust sewing machine and hey presto some lovely vintage bunting to brighten my room up.

From Dress to Bag…Recycle, Reuse, just don’t THROW!!

Being both a part time eco warrior and a crafter i inevitably hate waste and probably hoard far to much stuff in the hope that i will one day find a use for it, not only do i hoard my own ‘expired’ belongings, i find myself taking on others, i really must learn to say no when offered something, no matter how useful it may look!  This is one ethos i shall slowly but surely implement onto my partner who has the same attitude to waste. 

Anyways enough of that lets talk about the simple drawstring bag, which is relatively easy to knock up in an hour and perfect to give presents in, fill with lavender and rice for an alternative on the door stop, or a travel toiletries bag. 

drawstring bag

To make the outer part, i simpy cut up an old dress (lovely fabric but horrible shape) and made a rectangle 10inches x 24 inches and a square 6.5inches x 6.5 inches.  I then cut the same from white lining material.

The longer side forms the bag whilst the square forms the base.  I sewed this in a standard lined bag fashion and then doubles up the hem of the top to form a ‘passage’ for my cord (leaving about a 2-3 inch gap for the cord to come out).  I will try to hunt out the tutorial i used and post this.  I am looking forward to trying a minature one.

Recycle, Recycle…the possibilities are endless

Being a warrior for all that is green i started to feel very excited to when i stumbled upon this nifty tutorial on how to recyle all those junk cds into coasters. http://scrapdash.blogspot.com/2008/03/cd-coasters-tutorial.html I am v excited to start this project and as shall hopefully post some pictures of my finished coaster set soon.