Ten ways to go doily crazy!

From aged yellowing lace on occasional tables to white laser cut ones under boardroom biscuit plates, the doily  has been around since the 17th century and seems it’s here to stay.

The wide spread love for everything cute and vintage has benefited massively from the recent crochet resurgence of the last few years; and whilst many are still scarred from toilet roll holders dolls, there’s still it seems a market for intricate, lace style crocheted knick-knacks that just generally make life prettier and cute.

Doilies are definitely one form in which crocheting reigns, benefiting from its superior circular build abilities.

They’re great for everything from coasters and table mats to dreamcatchers and lampshades.  I even adapted one to make a summer jug cover by using a really fine thread and attaching beads around the outside.

So whether you’re looking to make doilies or simply make use of a stash you’ve found in a charity shop or attic; I bring you ten ways to go doily crazy.

  1. Crochet Rug 


2. Crochet coasters 


3. Imprint bowls 



4. Crochet lampshade


5. Crochet dreamcatcher


6. Crochet jar cover 


7. Crochet table mat 


8. Crochet plant holder 


9. Crochet cloche


10. Crochet bowl 


Crochet Hack #1 – Jogless crochet stripe

I’ve wanted to start sharing crochet tips and tricks for a while, however I’m far too lazy as a blogger to commit to a #TuesdayTutorial or a #ThursdayTip and all that jazz!

So in an attempt to make a start at sharing my love of crochet hacks I bring you the Jogless Crochet Stripe.

I’ve seen a number of different methods for this technique, however this video was for me the most effective and easy to accomplish.

YouTube video courtesy of Deja Jetmir of Crochet Ever After can be found here.

If you’re new to crochet and looking for resources to get you going, you can find some handy links on my ‘how to crochet’ section.

Happy Hooking!


This technique is perfect for stripey amigurumi such as:

Stripy sock puppy – crochet pattern, amigurumi pattern, pdf from lilleliis pattern here. 


Beach babe amigurumi pig by Ilaria Caliri (aka airali) pattern here. 


Crochet Butterflies – Your Help Needed

A recent Facebook drive from Our NHS Lincs [Independent Community Group] inspired me to put this simple crochet pattern together.

Lincoln County Hospital Trust Chaplaincy Department is calling on members of the public of the public, staff, patients, and volunteers for your help please. They need hundreds of small crocheted or knitted butterflies making, lemon and white (only please). The butterflies will need to have safety pins stitched on their backs.

They are planning to give the butterflies away during the Baby Loss Memorial week from 8-14th October 2018. Anyone who is able to crochet or knit and is able to help, your butterflies would be greatly appreciated.

Please send your finished butterflies to:

Lincoln County Hospital Chaplaincy Department
Greetwell Road

To get you on your way, I’ve put together a simple pattern for three different sized butterflies.

You can also download the handy pdf. Butterfly pattern


Hook size: 3.5 or 4mm
Yarn weight: Double Knit [dk]

Key – US Stitches 
Ch = Chain
Sl St = Slip Stitch
Dc = Double crochet
Hdc = Half double crochet
Tc = Treble crochet
Dtc = Double treble crochet

Small Butterfly

[Centre] Ch4 and sl st to form a circle
[Large wing 1] Ch2, 3dc into centre, ch2, sl st
[Small wing 1] Ch1, 3hdc into centre, ch1, sl st
[Large wing 2] Ch2, 3dc into centre, ch2, sl st
[Small wing 2] Ch1, 3hdc into centre, ch1. sl st

Fasten off and use long tail end to wrap around vertically to create body.

Medium Butterfly

[Centre] Ch4 and sl st to form a circle
[Large wing 1] Ch3, 3tc into centre, ch3, sl st
[Small wing 1] Ch2, 3dc into centre, ch2, sl st
Fasten off.

Large Butterfly

[Centre] Ch4 and sl st to form a circle
[Large wing 1] Ch4, 3dtc into centre, ch4, sl st
[Small wing 1] Ch3, 3tc into centre, ch3, sl st
Fasten off.

Please Note: All stitches are worked into the centre ring created by the chain 4 at the beginning.

Alternatively you can use a contrasting thread to wrap around the centre vertically to create the butterfly body, knot a few times to create a head and then leave a couple of centimetres for the antennae.

If you find your centre circle is quite large at the end with a fatter butterfly try tying your fasten off thread around the centre horizontally to bring it in a little.

A rough sketch for those that prefer grids.


Lastly instead of sewing on safety pins you can pick up a huge bag of brooch fastenings really cheap on ebay which can either be sewn or glued onto the back.

Link here.


Happy hooking!

Everything mermaid…crochet style

I’m loving all the mermaid inspired goodies out there at the minute. I recently published a post about ocean inspired crochet and found so many beautiful mermaid tail blankets that it warranted a dedicated post. Here’s my rundown of the best crochet mermaid tail patterns out there.

Patterns links where available can be found by clicking on each photo.

Happy Hooking xoxo


Under the sea

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the sea since my early childhood days, spent fossil hunting in Scarborough. From the gorgeous colours of the ocean to the beautiful ocean animals what’s not to love. There’s a plethora of sea inspired crochet ideas from amigurumi to blankets and the latest craze in all things mermaid.

Here’s a run down of my top favourite ocean inspired crochet projects from my recent Pinterest frenzy. You can find links to all patterns by clicking on each photo.

Plus check out my mermaid dedicated post here for the best in crocheted mermaid tails, just in time for those snugly nights in.

Crochet starfish pattern 



Crochet turtle pattern


Crochet whale pattern 


Freeform crochet shell pattern


Amigurumi sea creatures


Happy Hooking xoxo

Gorgeous free crochet cat pattern!

During my current kitten obsession, I care across these gorgeous dumpling kitten patterns.

The pattern comes courtesy of Sarah Sloyer and can be be found on her Ravelry store here. They were recently featured on crochetnow.co.uk so you know they’re bound to be a big hit. I know my Ragdoll Poppet is going to love one.

Dumpling Kitty is a cute pudgy kitty whose pattern is available for free! Her body is crocheted with a flat base so she sits nicely wherever you place her, waiting patiently for treats.

Finished size: Approximately 4” tall when made with the indicated yarn and hook size, though your finished size may vary depending on your yarn brand and tension.

Difficulty level: Easy – Intermediate (Previous experience and familiarity with amigurumi recommended)

Time to finish: Approximately 3 hours


• Approximately 42 yd of Color A (body)

• Approximately 4 yd of Color B (stripes)

• Polyester fiberfill

• 9 mm safety eyes (2)

• Embroidery floss

• Regular needle and yarn needle

Sarah is happy to offer email support if you need any help while working through my patterns, or notice any errors! This pattern is for personal use only.

They look super cute and a really quick project for any experienced crocheter.

Happy Hooking xoxo