Crochet Moustache Pattern – Version 2

Following on from the popularity of my first crochet moustache pattern, I’ve been working on a second design, which is a little more bulkier and reminiscent of a sheriff’s moustache.


I chose to design this one using the symbols method, which I found was a lot easier when working out the shape.

After 5 versions to fine tune the shape I’m happy with the final result.


I’ve included both long hand instructions and symbol diagram below.


Crochet Moustache Pattern

Working in DK cotton with a 4mm hook using US terminology.

Chain 16

Work the bottom of the moustache first

Sc in 2nd chain from hook

Sc in next 2 ch


(Dc, tr, dc) in next ch



Sl st in next – this is the centre point



(dc, tr, dc) in next ch


Sc in next 3 ch

Ch 1

Sl st into 1st chain on opposite side

Sc in next 2 ch


3hdc in next chain (this should be the same chain the (dc,tr,dc) are in on the opposite side

Hdc in next 2 ch

2hdc in next ch (This is the top of the centre point)

Hdc in next 2 ch

3 hdc in next ch (this should be the same chain the (dc,tr,dc) are in on the opposite side


Sc in next 2 ch

Sl st in chain at beginning of row

Fasten off and weave ends in

The moustache will need blocking into shape with a water spray or for a stiffer finish use a starch spray.

Crochet Moustache

After working up the fantastic moustache crochet coffee cup holder yesterday from Busy in Brooklyn’s blog, I decided to try my hand at a few pattern variations on the moustache   I wanted to crochet a moustache in one piece that allowed for more curlier ends. After 3 or 4 goes I think I have the perfect tash.  Why not give it a go and get your self the perfect Mo-Sista fake crochet tash.

Moustache Crochet Pattern.

Chain 22, work sl st x 3, sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc, sl st, sc, hcc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc sl st x 3  fasten off. (Pattern uses US stitches)

Crochet Movember

It seems the high streets have gone moustache crazy these last few months, and what better a time to embrace these furry face funnies than during Movember.  Thanks to the wonders of Instagram I stumbled upon a pattern for a fantastic crochet moustache cup holder through a new blog find Busy In Brooklyn.

My first attempt wasn’t exactly the well coiffured facial buddy I was hoping for, however as ever I endeavour to practise, practise, practise! If you want to get your mitts on one of these moustache coffee cup crochet beauties you can find the pattern I used at: